Project 1!

The Inspiration:
Pottery Barn's eclectic display of family photos and artwork in wood gallery & polished aluminum frames sitting on Holman ledge shelf.

Holman Floating Shelf: $229 (set of three)
4X6" frame: $20.00 each x 2 = $40.00
5X7" frame: $24.00 each x 2 = $48.00
8X10" frame: $24.00 each $24,00
12x 18" frame: $24.00 each $24.00
9X9" frame: $16.00 each $16.00
$381.00 (without tax or shipping costs!)

Our Version:
Michael's frames:
4X6" black frames: $1.99 each x 2 = $3.98
5X7" black frame with white mat= $2.99
5X7 black frame: $2.99
8X10" black frame: $3.99 x 2 = $7.98
12x18" black frame: $4.99
9x9" collage frame: free!
40 % off Coupon Michael's: - $1.99
B&W Prints at Costco: $7.62
Floating Shelves: $19.99 x 2= $39.98
20% off Coupon at BedBath&Beyond: - $8.00


OUR VERSION: It came out very modern & beautiful

The part we loved most about the photo wall was the bold typographical art. To create our own, we simply googled "SUBWAY ROLL" and photoshopped a couple photos together to create our own! We featured some other photos from our trip to Thailand, a p
rint of my dad's artwork , family photos, my Banksy posterized painting and of course I insisted one of my Mini Baker photos be included :). Simply submit your photos via Costco Photo Center and print up 2 hours later. Their prints are of premium quality and cost only pennies!
I had purchased the floating shelves at Bed Bath & Beyond prior to moving in. And I was eager to put them to good use!
One very important skill I've acquired is: asking for a coupon... EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE! 9 out of 10 times, if you have a smile on your face and ask politely, the cashier will be glad to swipe the coupon stuffed in the pocket of her uniform.
We decided to paint the wall a soft green hue, to add a "pop" to the wall. We
chose a Behr paint called "Grass Cloth", which came out identical to the magazine clip my mother thoughtfully mailed us!


So Christa and I decided to make a photo blog about our lives up here in sunny Los Angeles. I say sunny because it's only rained once this winter and it was 78 degrees and clear today (January 12, 2010).